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Current Financial Planning Workshops Being Offered

"Retirement Planning Today™"

Life Planning for Retirement Workshop

As a member of the Financial Educators Network™, Barberio & Rich Financial Services provides the same workshop that is conducted for many Colleges and Universities throughout the United States. It is entitled - Retirement Planning Today™ which teaches Life Planning for Retirement.

In addition, the workshop Retirement Planning Today™ through the Financial Educators Network™ offers a comprehensive approach to employers and organizations interested in providing financial education for their employees and members.

Here is an outline of the Retirement Planning Today™ course:

Section 1 – Life Planning for Retirement

Section 2 – Retirement Needs & Expenses

Section 3 – Retirement Roadblocks & Mistakes

Section 4 – Retirement Income Sources

Section 5 – Retirement Plan Distributions

Section 6 – Investments*

Section 7 – Risk Management (Insurance)

Section 8 – Estate Planning

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"Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement"

With financial independence, retirement can be the most fulfilling time of your life. This class covers important money management concepts and issues that are important to people at or near retirement. Topics include how to reduce pressures on your retirement income and which assets are appropriate for retirement income, which are appropriate for lifetime use and which assets are appropriate for future generations; how to make appropriate health care decisions, especially who will provide care, where you will live and how you will pay for your health care. We will also explore some options that allow you to transfer assets to other generations of your family. An optional financial planning consultation is provided after the class.

A “hear it, see it, read it, write it” teaching method makes it easy for you to understand and remember the practical information. The class is taught by financial professionals; however, no products or investments will be promoted or offered. The fee includes a written course workbook and study aids.

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College Planning 567

Helping Parents & Students with their College Planning Needs

Did you know? 

  • Starting early, knowing the rules, and observing the deadlines are the most important factors in obtaining college funding
  • The cost of a 4-year college education can range between $50,000 and $180,000
  • College funding does not typically go to the students who need it most, but to those who know the most about the process
  • Over 50% of all students who start college never finish, most often due to the lack of money

Our educational event will empower you to set your child on the right foot and prepare them for not only college but for graduation and for success in life. Our goal is to help you send your child to the right college for the right reasons and at the right price. 

This informational course cover a variety of topics including:

  • How much you should save for college
  • Understanding gifting programs
  • Finding the right college
  • FAFSA opportunities
  • Expected Family Contributions
  • How long does the process take

It is never too early to start thinking about how you will pay for college for one, two or more children in your family.  Many families realize that college is just a year away - and we’re happy to work with them to help them find ways to reduce their college costs. The fact is, planning in advance may be one of the best financial decisions you will ever make and will help enable you to pay for college and still be able to save for retirement and other financial priorities that arise. 

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